Orbit l Premium Memorabilia

Auckland based company Orbit specialises in the design and manufacture of premium memorabilia. A dynamic company that prides itself on being the perfect merge of fresh thinking solutions and old hand jewellery expertise. 

We believe behind every year group, organisation, club or society there is a unique story which deserves recognition. At Orbit we specialise in creating quality jewellery that acts as a permanent reminder of these accomplishments and memories. 


Our journey started on a hot tropical day in November 2009. Having been friends since primary school (Orbit founders Peter, Andrew and Asher) we had escaped to the Gold Coast at the end of our first year of university. This was far from some overwrought Schoolies blow out but somewhere amongst the sand, surf and sleepless nights, Asher lost his school leaver’s ring. 

This piece of history had never been taken off before. The ring was special, a memento that  symbolised a link between school brothers. A memory of mischief, laughter and accomplishment.

Dismayed we returned back to the house where Andrew’s Uncle, an award-winning jeweller Mark, was busy designing a poker medal for one of the big leagues. We told him of our ill fate and he laughed, “I’ll whip one of them up for you!”.

Over the next couple of days he worked on the design and within a month Asher had a brand-new leavers ring resting snugly on his finger. The only difference…? It had improvements; the ring was heavier, the inside engraved and the detail on the crest more pronounced.

During our time in Australia, over barbecues, beers and crayfish we realised that we could offer a product that was unique and meaningful. We talked at length about how important our school rings were and what wearing them symbolised.

To sum up our story that began in a tropical paradise and ends here in Auckland, at Orbit we believe experiences that are worthy of remembrance should be marked by something special. Whether you are a school leaver, a member of a sports club or part of a meaningful association, Orbit can craft jewellery to commemorate your achievements.

 Peter, Andrew and Asher