Orbit l Premium Memorabilia

Auckland based company Orbit specialises in the design and manufacture of premium memorabilia. A dynamic company that prides itself on being the perfect merge of fresh thinking solutions and old hand jewellery expertise. 

We believe behind every year group, organisation, club or society there is a unique story which deserves recognition. At Orbit we specialise in creating quality jewellery that acts as a permanent reminder of these accomplishments and memories. 


At Orbit we believe that behind every individual or team success there is an important story. Behind every year group, organisation club or society there is a unique tale that deserves recognition. At Orbit we specialise in creating jewellery that tells your story, crafted to be a reminder of your accomplishments for years to come. 

What type of memorabilia can Orbit make?

  • Rings 
  • Pendants 
  • Cuff Links 
  • Medals 
  • Tie Pins

What type of clients do Orbit make jewellery for?

  • High school leavers
  • University graduates and individual faculties
  • Sports teams and leagues
  • Motorcycle clubs
  • Company gifts or memorabilia
  • Awards and life members